Beautiful Finishing Touches

When you choose your worktops you can select from a range of edging styles, which are illutrsated below. If there is another you specifically want, we can normally accommodate it. Custom edgings will incur additional costs but can be spectacular and add a personal touch.

Pencil Round x2


Gives a softer finish to both the top and bottom edges

Birds Beak


This profile has a cut at a 45 degree angle on the top edges on each level

Square Aris


This is the standard and most popular edge. It leaves a simple, clean, neat finish with sharpe corners



Traditionally used in country style kitchens to give a round finish

Flat Metal Insert


A very contemporary looking finish that contrasts well with the depth on the stone

Ogee Bullnose


An elegant edge that finished off any work surface

Mitred Downstand


Any thickness you want. From 40mm to over 100mm finished with an aris or pencil round